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Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS, also known as Preleukemia) is a diverse collection of hematologic conditions united by poor production of blood cells. Often referred to as Pre-leukemia, if not treated Myelodysplastic Syndrome can result in "Secondary Leukemia."

signs of myelodysplastic syndrome:

  • neutropenia - The presence of an abnormally small number of neutrophil cells in the blood.
  • anaemia - A reduction in the number of circulating red blood cells per volume of blood. Anemia requiring chronic blood transfusion is frequently present.
  • thrombocytopenia - An abnormal disease in the number of blood platelets.
  • abnormal granules in cells - A minute mass in a cell that has an outline but no apparent structure, also known as granulatio.
  • abnormal nuclear shape and size - Deformity of the structure within a cell that contains the chromosomes. As the nucleus is responsible for the cell's metabolism, growth, and reproduction. Deformities of the nucleus can negatively affect these functions.
  • chromosomal abnormalities, including chromosomal translocations.

symptoms of myelodysplastic syndrome:

The following list of myelodysplastic symptoms does not in itself confirm the diagnosis of the syndrome. The symptoms can be a result of many diseases and other related syndromes. For diagnosis, the clinical exams at the bottom of the article would be required.

  • Anaemia - A reduction in the number of circulating red blood cells per volume of blood produces:
    • chronic tiredness
    • shortness of breath
    • chilled sensation
  • Occasional chest pain in some patients.
  • Neutropenia (low white cell count)
    • resulting in increased susceptibility to infection
  • Thrombocytopenia (low platelet count)
    • resulting in increased susceptibility to bleeding

Clinical Examinations for diagnosis of myelodysplastic syndrome

In a clinical setting, the following exams are used to confirm the diagnosis of MDS:

  • Full blood count and examination of blood film (CBC)
  • Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy
  • Chromosome studies

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