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Aspiration Pneumonia

Aspiration pneumonia is a specific form of pneumonia that develop when gastric contents, food, saliva, or nasal secretions are aspirated into the bronchial tree. Depending on the acidity of the aspirate, a chemical pneumonitis develops, and bacterial pathogens (including anaerobic bacteria) further add to the inflammation.

Aspiration is often caused by an incomplete swallowing reflex, such as occurs in some forms of neurological disease (a common cause being strokes) or while a person is intoxicated.

The right lower lobe of the lung is the commonest location of aspiration pneumonia. This is due to the anatomy of the bronchial tree and gravity: the bronchus serving this lobe is oriented almost vertically.

Posted by Staff at May 13, 2005 6:10 AM

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For the past 6 months I have been coughing at the end and after a meal. I cough until something seems to come up...phlegm mostly.

Last Februrary I had a CT scan which noted nodules in my lower right lobe. Another Ct 6 weeks later revealed it was gone, but I had gone thru intense, squeezing coughing episodes.

Now I am feeling as if I have something in my lungs....needing to be coughed up...and a pressure as well. I prop my pillows up to sleep as to keep acid and food contents from coming up into my esophagus or mouth.

Any comment? Should I see a doctor?

Posted by: Patti at October 4, 2005 2:57 PM