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Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer (also called cancer of the pancreas) is represented by the growth of a malignant tumor within the pancreas organ proper. The most common form of this disease is known as adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. A less common, and typically far less virulent form of pancreatic cancer, is called islet-cell tumor (and is sometimes also known by the term neuro-endocrine tumor).

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Liver Cancer

Liver cancer (also known as hepatoma) is a malignancy of the liver. Most cases are secondary to either hepatitis infection (usually hepatitis B or C) or cirrhosis (alcoholism being the most common cause of hepatic cirrhosis).

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Stomach Cancer

In medicine, stomach cancer can develop in any part of the stomach and may spread throughout the stomach to other organs. The cancer may grow along the stomach wall into the esophagus or into the small intestines.

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